Professional Development

Professional is personal. Every organization is defined by the individuals who collectively keep it in operation. MJC workshops and private coaching sessions are a natural fit for any enterprise looking to support inititives in business ethics, leadership communication, employee wellness, career transition, and innovation. Select from our program list, or contact us for information about private coaching, customized workshops and motivational presentations.


Content of Character: Create Mindful Leaders.

Businesses don't act unethically. People do. Our actions support that which we believe. This one-day program uses a variety of powerful and unforgetable informal personal writing techniques and best-practice discussions that reconnect business leaders to their core values, and strengthen their mindful leadership practices. It is designed to support a values-based corporate culture by creating awareness of existing ethical policies and helping participants personally relate to and internalize them. Participants learn techniques that help them take conscious, responsible and right action, which proactively manages corporate risk and reputation. Offered as individual or small group coaching. Program outcomes include:
• Heightened sense of personal integrity
• Improved awareness of other perspectives
• Anger and stress management
• Right-action awareness
• Improved negotiation skills
• Ability to generate innovative solutions to challenging situations

Leadership Communication: The New Rules for Content & Delivery

Communication channels are changing, and so are the rules. Participants in this two-day program are introduced to variety of personal writing techniques and professional presentation skills that enable them to craft clear, concise messages for face-to-face or digital platforms, and deliver them in a powerful way that moves people to action. This program is ideal for executives, senior managers and sales professionals who need to make a corporate message their own and sharpen their own personal presentation delivery skills. Participants are recorded for private and/or in-room coaching. Leadership Communication is offered in small-group workshops or private-coaching sessions.

Innovation Retreat: Create the Conditions for Breakthrough Thinking

Open up the innovation pipeline! This one-day retreat is filled with hands-on experiences that lead people to think in radical new ways and learn best-practices for translating fresh ideas into huge benefits for your organization, be it a cultural shift, improved energy and moral, and, of course, new products or services that give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace. It’s time to stop talking and start doing. This is the “how-to” course. Participants will:
• Identify threats and opportunities in the marketplace
• Discover the power of intersectional thinking
• Learn to overcome innovation killers: linear thinking, associative barriers,
   creativity myths
• Learn how to foster innovation: diversity, assumption reversal, creative
• Generate new ideas to bring back to the workplace

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