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January 2012

Writing from the Heart
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November 2011

Writing Used to Limit Conflicts
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Journaling Research:
James Pennebaker, Ph.D.

Emotional Clearing:
Clearing the River


"The journaling workshop provided the time, space and support to access deep thoughts and feelings. It brought to light ideas that have been hiding somewhere in the recesses of my mind. It is important work!" Teresa H., Bridgewater, NJ

"The workshop is a spa for your spirit and self-awareness."
Fran M., Mendham Township, NJ

I had no idea there were so many different ways to journal, depending on my mood or what I am personally working on. Even in the 5-minute sprints, certain patterns became obvious, which I had never put together before.
Kelly T., Morris Township, NJ

"I loved your journaling workshop. It inspired me to make some immediate changes, and the tools will continue to do so. Thank you!"
Sue K., Wanaque, NJ

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