Clearing a Path to Peace: A workshop for parents of children with Autism, ADD/ADHD & other special needs.

Come take a close look at how you live in and outside of your home, and the impact it has on your life and the lives of those you care for. In this program, you’ll discover practical solutions that reduce stress and introduce an ease of flow into your daily routine that will help you manage the challenges of living with a special needs child. Come be inspired and motivated! This program is co-facilitated with Noel Shields, an interior design professional who specializes in sensory design and Practical Flow. Workshops are limited to 15 participants.

In this one-day program you will discover:
• How to manage the 3 key environments that impact our thoughts, feelings
   and behaviors.
• Practical steps to declutter, detox, and decrease sensory overload both in and
   out of the home.
• Powerful strategies to reduce stress, manage time, and gain greater
• Your own personal action plan to create a soothing and peaceful environment
   that supports your child’s needs and your family’s overall wellbeing.

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