About Journaling

Personal, informal writing — in a journal, a diary, on a computer, a notebook or a scrap of paper — is the ultimate transformation tool. In this writing, there are no rules. There is no right or wrong. This writing is not for publication, and its not necessary to share it at all. Even people who find writing "painful" say they appreciate the cathartic aspect of journaling.

Many people are familiar with free-flow or stream-of-consciousness writing, which can lead to therapeutic outcomes on its own, but there are a variety of specific writing techniques that can produce a range of outcomes based on your immediate needs or goals.

Our coaching sessions and small-group workshops are designed to address specific needs and concrete outcomes — in your private life, or in a business setting — by introducing a variety of different techniques. This type of journaling is designed to be productive, and is sometimes called developmental writing, therapeutic writing, or reflective writing.

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