Health & Wellness

The benefits of personal informal writing to health and wellness are indisputable. There is an increasing body of research that has measured positive outcomes and real change when people write for themselves. Published studies indicate improved recovery time from illness and trauma; reduced anxiety, stress, anger and other strong emotions; improved self-awareness and clarity; and more. Our favorite source for these studies is through James Pennebaker, Ph.D., Chair of the Department of Psychology at the University of Texas, Austin, and author of Writing to Heal and The Secret Life of Pronouns. Please visit his website for a list of studies that demonstrate the postive outcomes of informal personal writing, which is also called journaling, reflective writing, or developmental writing.


Clearing a Path to Peace: A Workshop for Parents of Children with Autism, ADD/ADHD & Other Special Needs.

Come take a close look at how you live in and outside of your home, and the impact it has on your life and the lives of those you care for. In this program, you’ll discover practical solutions that reduce stress and introduce an ease of flow into your daily routine that will help you manage the challenges of living with a special needs child. Come be inspired and motivated! Workshops are limited to 15 participants. Click here to learn more.

Healthy Minds & Happy Homes: Guided Journaling Techniques to Help Busy Families Reconnect

Come discover the many health and wellness benefits journal writing can bring to you and your family. This program introduces parents and caregivers to short, creative writing techniques and ideas that reduce stress, strengthen relationships and open lines of communication at home. Click here to learn more.