What is a Journaling Workshop Like?

Our journaling programs are… ”A spa for the heart and the mind.”

Each workshop is different, but all provide a safe, confidential and nurturing environment.

In our programs, you will be introduced to at least 5 different journaling techniques, and often many more. These are selected for their specific outcomes and benefits and will vary according to the program theme. Most “writes” last only 5 – 7 minutes and are followed by an opportunity to reflect on what you’ve written and identify any action steps that will help you moving forward.

Some participants find sharing their writing aloud to be helpful, while others do not. Your right to privacy is paramount. It is not necessary or important to the self-discovery or self-care process to share your writing aloud.

You won’t just be “writing” either. We draw on a variety of techniques, such as guided meditation and visualization to lead you into your journal entries, and we incorporate music, art and aromatherapy (through candles and diffused essential oils) to create the atmosphere most conducive for the work being done.

When meals are included, we will provide a range of natural, healthy foods and a selection of natural healing herbal teas.