Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a writer to attend an MJC workshop?

No. Your coach will provide specific writing techniques that will get you started on on the process of self-awareness, self-healing, or tapping inner wisdom and creativity. Think of this type of writing as a conversation with yourself--so it is unfiltered, honest and enlightening. You are never obligated to share your writing or read anything you write aloud.

Do I need to read my writing aloud?

No, never. Workshop participants are provided journals or notebooks in which to capture thoughts and feelings that emerge through gently guided writing techniques. After trying a new technique, participants take a moment to reread that writing and jot a brief reflection of it. Participants are invited to share their original writing or their reflection write with the group only if they would like to do so, and as time allows.

Is the workshop confidential?

We are committed to providing a safe, secure and positive environment. We hold confidentiality in the group to be our highest priority. We manage this through the following guidelines:
• Participants may talk about their own writing experience, but not
   anyone else’s (without their consent).
• We respect all opinions, styles and cultures.
• We hold each other’s work with compassion.
• We offer only positive feedback, encouragement and wisdom
• Participants keep their journals and notebooks with them at all times and take
   them home at the end of the program.

Is this a therapy group?

No. Our workshops are designed to introduce participants to a variety of writing techniques that they can use anytime — when they want or need them — and to use that information for personal growth, creative expression and basic life management. While these techniques are not a part of traditional process therapy, participants often experience therapeutic outcomes.

Do you offer these workshops for corporate retreats?

Yes. Programs are available in 4, 8, and 12-hour formats (half day to two-day programs). They make powerful team-building events, especially after a merger/acquisition, and are effective for bringing about positive behavioral changes. Our reflective writing programs are a natural fit for corporate wellness programs, yoga and spiritual center retreats, medical center community outreach — especially for specialized populations, such as teens-at-risk, cancer-survivors, seniors and more. Please contact us to discuss a customized program that will meet your organization’s needs.


Is my workshop fee refundable?

If you have registered for a workshop and cannot attend, your fee is not refundable. However, you may transfer your spot to another participant. Many workshops have a wait list, so if you cannot find a participant to take your place, please check with us.