Therapeutic Outcomes

MJC workshops are gentle, safe and professionally guided to support therapeutic outcomes. Outcomes are as different as the individuals who write, but here are some that are frequently reported:
Safely release tension, frustration, anger and other strong emotions.
Access your subconscious and unconscious minds and tap your inner wisdom.
Open new channels of creativity and provide an outlet for creative expression.
Keep a record for the future of how your life unfolds.
Track cycles, patterns and trends in your life.
Use writing to recover from medical procedures and regain health.
Improve communication, negotiation skills.
Heal relationships.
Improve self-esteem.
Experiment with creative writing.
Unlock the mysteries of your dreams.
Clarify goals.
Increase time-management and organization skills.
Gain insight and align yourself with your true values.
Regard your journal as a trusted, valued friend.

If you are currently working with a clinical therapist, let your practitioner know you journaling. Your journal entries may be an important part of your healing process.