A guided process for healthy life change & professional development

Journaling is emerging as the ultimate self-help tool for bringing about positive life change, clarifying personal and career goals, and identifying the actions that move you forward and into your flow — so you experience life the way you want to live it.

I’m Jeanne Westervelt Rice, and it’s my pleasure to work with clients in private sessions and small group workshops to:

• Decrease stress & anxiety
• Improve self-confidence & self-esteem
• Heal relationships
• Resolve conflicts & improve negotiation skills
• Manage life transitions gracefully
• Clarify life and career goals
• Act aligned with personal integrity
• Improve communications
• Develop greater self-awareness and inner wisdom
• Recover from grief

Experience the power of personal writing (also called journaling, developmental writing, intuitive or reflective writing) in a private coaching session or in a small-group workshop. Contact us.